Web Design and Social Media Management

Case Study
The Club at the Highlands

Northeast Pennsylvania’s newest golf course and club and the only one to open since 1993, Pegasus Ventures designed and maintains the website, manages the social media presence while also supporting staff in standing up processes to capture information to increase reach to new customers and members for this business just starting.


Web Design
Social Media Management
Email Blast Services

The Work for the Club at the Highlands

Providing a number of services, Pegasus Ventures not only created and manages the website for The Club at the Highlands but also the nascent social media presence.

Pegasus Ventures supports a realistic strategy in a competitive market for The Club at the Highlands in the¬†Scranton–Wilkes-Barre–Hazleton, PA, a metropolitan statistical area in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA).

Coordination with Bands

The Club at the Highlands uses local bands for no cover charge performances to bring in new customers. Pegasus Ventures coordinates with the bands driving social media between our customer and the bands to bring in new eyes through social media.

Supporting Staff

Pegasus Ventures helps staff learn to manage time to maximize productivity. Building in good habits in a new business keeps that business on a good footing for the future.

Monitor Competition

Watching the insights from social media to determine how The Club at the Highlands compares in terms to selected competitors looking to exceed their weekly reach.


Educating management helping create value from a strong and growing web presence with regular information helping staff learn how to foster building web presence.