Social Media Management- $250 per month


Top Line Sales

The top job at Pegasus Ventures; grow top line sales for each client. Managing social media marries up the oft overlooked Google My Business platform with the better known Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and your website engaging users, attract new people and bring in dollars.


Serve customers with speed. More and more people inquire directly from social media in the form of messages and/or comments.  Facebook shares the average response time and the percentage of messages a small business responds to displaying this to Facebook users. Pegasus Ventures looks to get to a 100% response rate with a 30 minute average response time or less.


Some small business owners miss opportunities posting frivolous or irrelevant  content on social media platforms. The best and worst example? The posting of “inspirational” commentary.  Social media users  follow a business because they like the business, want to know more about the business and/or just want to have an affiliation with the company. Pegasus Ventures drives social media success giving users of each social media platform what they want, real content about our clients with growing engagement with social media users.


Pegasus Ventures helps dominate social media platforms with consistent activity. The lack of using various social media platforms by competitors, especially Google My Business, creates a real opportunity for your small business. Most competitors take little, if anytime, to build their over all web presence through social media with any kind of organized strategy. Pegasus Ventures actively works social media to drives top line sales for clients as we take fill the space on social media platforms with relevant content designed to engage with users.



Sometimes clients choose to use Pegasus Ventures as a bridge to internally running their own social media platforms. During a standard six month term people within the company come to understand and see the Pegasus Ventures workflow producing results. For most social media clients the intimidation of a new series of tasks foreign to the day to day operation requiring consistent attention makes it easier to bring in someone from outside rather than learn an entirely new workflow. For others, learning how Pegasus Ventures operates and assigning a couple people to work with Pegasus Ventures brings both experience and confidence allowing for a successful hand off to internally managing social media. Either way Pegasus Ventures operates with the intention to expose to your staff and/or management to how the workflow operates growing management’s understanding and confidence in managing Pegasus Ventures activity as part of the overall operation.