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Scarlett Center- Nashville, Michigan

An investor/developer in California buys a school no longer in use with plans to rent office space as well opening a venue in the small community of Nashville, Barry County, Michigan for weddings, corporate events and meetings.  As the business comes together the choice for website design and development? Pegasus Ventures .

Place holding, ready to for more

As the owner of Scarlett Center works the process of renovating the former WK Kellogg School in Nashville, Michigan  Pegasus Ventures put together a classy website to promote the vision while standing ready to update the site to support the venue as it begins to grow. Pegasus Ventures , uniquely, offers unlimited updates and pages as part of the website design and development services. The one price, once a year Pegasus Ventures web design package ensures the website grows with the business without growing costs to the business.

Key to the success of Pegasus Ventures clients, the firm belief the client wins when encouraged to add content to their website. Rather than small businesses worrying about the cost of adding content, Pegasus Ventures thinks we all win when adding content takes no more effort than sending an email, dialing a phone or texting Pegasus Ventures .

Responsive, mobile ready

Pegasus Ventures more than a year ago converted all clients to, "responsive" mobile ready websites ensuring all client websites work on every platform. Scarlett Center began entirely, "responsive" with cool moving features and effects which don't slow down the loading of the website. 

Cool feature of this website, a Google Calendar

Often very unknown or appreciated by the busy small business owner, millions use Google Calendar. Why use Google Calendar on your site? A click or tap adds your event to a user's calendar and the calendar promotes your event with no additional effort. Easy to use, just add an event from your computer or smart phone and the embedded calendar with all the events appears on the website. Learn more about embedding calendars and other tools on your website when by tapping or clicking now.

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