Google My Business

Reviews- Manage and Answer Customers

By the numbers, reviews on Google My Business exceed Facebook in numbers

Even if your business exceeds 1,000 followers on Facebook and growing, it’s unlikely to come close to beating the number of reviews added to Google search.

Beginning August 2018 Google updated their platform within Google My Business to allow customers to view the response from the business owner by email. So let’s just say it’s been kind of weird. A business responding to a review always appeared on Google search, the person leaving the review just never got an update when the business answered the review. Great to see the update!

In managing social media for customers, Pegasus Ventures finds answering reviews helps in two ways. First, it shows the business pays attention to their customers  and prospective customer the business responds to customers. Second, we find the number of malicious reviews drops. A person choosing to act out tends not to get much joy when they see a small business regularly responds to their reviews with interested customer service.